Experts Say STD Epidemic Is Out Of Control In The US

Chicago, Illinois -

A recent post on MeetPositives has highlighted the fact that there has been a rise in STDs in the US. The number of cases of new syphilis infections was highest in 2021 and though there are many reasons behind the rise, experts are pushing for new approaches to prevent and treat these STDS.

According to the MeetPositives Post, “The rate of syphilis and gonorrhoea infection has been on the rise for the year but last year saw the highest infection rate since 1991and the total number was the highest since 1948. Also, last year saw an increase in HIV infection by 16%. Experts are working around the clock to make sure there are new approaches to this problem and this includes measures such as home test kits for some STDs to make sure that it's easier for infected people to know their status and prevent the spread to others.”

According to Dr. Leandro Mena of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at a medical conference recently, “It is imperative that we work to rebuild, innovate, and expand (STD) prevention in the US.”

On matters related to the causes of the rise in STD infection, “There has been a feeling of being liberated after the lockdowns and this has led to a surge in sexual activity. The arrival of monkeypox has also brought an additional burden. There has been a push by experts and lobby groups to make sure that the government commits more funds to fight STDs including Harvey’s group and other public health organizations pushing for at least $500 million for STD clinics.”

All the experts’ concerns are related to the increase in new cases and the possibility they can go out of control. This is why there is a push to make sure that the government takes this increase in infection rates seriously and gets involved.


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