A Year of Tasting Classes

We just posted an entire year’s worth of tasting classes. With the return to normal, we are hosting some of the greatest classes we have ever offered. All the classics are available, plus some very special new classes. If you see something you like on our calendar, we strongly recommend signing up ASAP. People are already starting to book seats for November and December, so it’s a smart move to get ahead of the crowds. Here’s a small selection of the upcoming classes. We have posted hundreds of classes for you to check out! Each class can be taken in-person or online! All Grain Beer Brewing The All-Grain Brewing Program is a critical step toward becoming a master homebrewer. In this program, the student learns to develop beer recipes and brew all-grain beers. Link Napa & Beyond It’s time to explore America’s greatest wine regions, but this isn’t your Grandfather’s Napa Valley. In this wine tasting class, we dive into the complexity and diversity of the wines coming out of Northern California. Link. Natural Wines Natural wines, organic wines, and biodynamic wines have been controversial since the school was founded in 2001. It’s a topic we love, and our advocacy of natural wines has permeated every wine class we’ve taught for the last 20 years. Link France vs South America Welcome to our VERSUS series of wine tasting classes! May the greatest winemakers be victorious in this competition of corkscrews, this pageant of pump-overs, this battle of the brix. Link Italian Wine Class Want to discover the grandi classici del vino Italiano and explore the viticultural gems in the mezzogiorno? This wine tasting class will give you a fantastic overview of Italian wine. Link Croatia & the Adriatic Come with us and explore this ancient corner of the wine world. One that is more relevant today than it ever has. This is a wine tasting class that will change how you view the world of wine. Link Whisky Wars: Japan VS Scotland Japanese whiskey originated in Scotland, but it’s become its very own creature. Of all booze, whisky is regional and is a profound foil on culture. In this class, we look to the two greatest cultures that have embraced whisky. Link Food & Wine Pairing Knowing the best wine to serve with food is a challenge. The right choice can turn an average meal into a spectacular feast. The wrong choice can turn a Michelin-star experience into a dumpster fire. Link Luxury Greek Wines Our very first open-to-the-public class on Greek wines! Link Austria, Switzerland, and Germany The wines of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany! Link